About us

Telesto was founded in 2020 by a small team at RedTracker on the fundamental belief that there is a better way to manage your inventory.

Telesto is relentlessly focused on taking the complexity out of inventory management and delivering an experience that is easy, flexible, and accessible to use for individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses.

We are 100% self-funded.

Telesto's servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany (AWS EU-central-1 region).

Learn more about the data safety & security technology built into Telesto.

The story of Telesto

Telesto /təˈlɛstoʊ/ —in Greek: Τελεστώ, which means success— is one of 82 moons of Saturn and one of the 3,000 daughters of Oceanus and Tethys in Greek mythology. Telesto was the personification of success.

We bring that spirit of success into the Telesto app by helping you achieve your goals and objectives in your inventory management.





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