What’s new in Telesto?

Telesto v7.1.0 (iOS) Telesto v3.6.0 (Android) Telesto v5.6.0 (Desktop Edition)

Telesto | improve product search


  • Products: set which products are for selling or buying
  • Settings: new tabbed layout to organize settings by modules
  • Settings: change the paper orientation of your reports
  • Settings: option to hide the dashboard grid
  • Customers: button to add invoices from the client profile
  • Locations: set custom prefix for purchase orders
  • Purchase orders: auto-increase order number sequence
  • Purchase orders: create orders for specific warehouses
  • Purchase orders: filter orders by warehouses
  • Stock updater: scan barcodes and add them as notes
  • Invoices: filter orders by location (warehouses)
  • Invoices: configure specific order prefixes for each warehouse
  • Reports: sales (by shipping date)
  • Reports: invoices (grouped by locations)
  • Batches: clone the batch’s properties when performing transfers


  • Products: improved and better way to locate your products faster
  • Desktop edition: improved desktop login and registration screens
  • Miscellaneous: preloaders are shown while several operations are in progress


  • Issue configuring and delivering push notifications
  • Issue deleting invoices when they are loaded directly from the customer profile
  • Selecting the same category as the parent category when editing a category
  • Documents of transport (DDT) without signatures
  • Issue with logouts on startup (desktop edition)

Thank you for your feedback and continued support. New features and more improvements are currently under development. We appreciate your suggestions as we release those updates gradually every 2-3 weeks.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach us at: support@telesto.app.