What is a transport document or DDT?

The transport document, better known as Ddt or delivery note, is a document required by Italian law, which must be issued by companies to justify or prove the transfer from one place to another of goods, raw materials, subject to a commercial transaction, even in the case of two plants of the same company.

It must be issued before sending the goods and sent to the customer (even separately from the goods themselves) within the day of shipment. In practice, however, it is a good idea to make the DDT travel together with the goods, delivering them to the recipient together.

This document is essential for the deferred invoice, an invoice that can be issued up to the 15th day of the month following that of shipment.

The transport document as we know it today was introduced in Italy in 1996 to replace the delivery note; it had been foreseen by the entry into force of EU legislation, which had practically made the packing slip between the member countries of the European Union superfluous.

How to create a DDT?

This document can be created manually with an Excel template but it’s even much better to create it digitally and even much better automatically based on your invoices.

Telesto: inventory management can easily generate, manage and store all your transport documents (DDT) associated with your invoices and internal transfers between warehouses automatically. You can also capture the recipient’s signature digitally using your smartphone or tablet (customers or employees can sign it using their fingers). The generated PDF will have your company logo, required fields and won’t include your product’s prices (as they are not needed).

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