What’s New?

Telesto v6.3 (iOS) Telesto v2.7 (Android) Telesto v4.8 (Desktop Edition)


  • Settings | new option to hide food-related fields
  • Invoices | send attached invoices via email to your customers (from your own email app)
  • Invoices | order number is now automatically generated (based on your last invoice) when creating a new sales order.
  • Invoices | you can now add discounts (in percentages) for specific products on your order.
  • Products | duplicate similar products for faster product creation
  • Stock updater | new option “update current stock” (activate in settings)
  • Miscellaneous | easy way to send feedback


  • Products | new location chooser when adding new products or using the stock updater.
  • Stock updater | new location chooser when adding new transactions in the stock updater.
  • Stock updater | linked batch is now shown in transaction history
  • Invoices | the quantity field on the sales order is no longer being rounded or truncated (decimal values are now accepted)
  • Settings | options to reset stock and delete account are now grouped under settings
  • Batches | linked transactions and comments are listed when editing a batch
  • Desktop edition | sign-in by pressing the enter key (on the password field)
  • Desktop edition | top main menu is now localized.


  • Desktop edition | issue importing from desktop edition when UPC/SKU is missing; Telesto will automatically generate a new one for each product!
  • Invoices | issue not showing the price of the product when the invoice was created! it was instead showing the current product price (which might have changed)
  • Miscellaneous | minor translations fixes

Thank you for your feedback and continued support. New features and more improvements are currently under development. We appreciate your patience as we release those updates gradually every 1-2 weeks.

If you have any question or suggestion, you can reach us at: support@telesto.app.