What’s New?

Telesto v6.0 (iOS) Telesto v2.6 (Android) Telesto v4.7 (Desktop Edition)

Stock updater

  • Linked batch is now shown in transaction history
  • New option “update current stock” (activate in settings)
  • You can now edit transactions!
  • Filter transactions by type and date range in stock history


  • Linked transactions and notes are listed when editing a batch
  • When deleting batches, confirm to delete the stock inside
  • Single product view
  • Filter products (group by category) by specific category
  • Filter products (group by supplier) by specific supplier

Desktop edition

  • Top main menu is now localized in your language.
  • PDF reports are now loading externally
  • #Fixed: copy & paste now working on MacOS

Sales orders

  • Locate & search products faster

Purchase orders

  • Option to add custom text with data to appear on your PDF


  • Search contracts, projects & purchase orders

Custom fields

  • Add custom fields for any category


  • New permission to allow users to reset inventory

If you have any questions, let us know by sending a message to: support@telesto.app — we’re always happy to help.