What’s New?

Telesto v5.7.1 (iOS) Telesto v2.3.1 (Android) Telesto v4.4.1 (Desktop Edition)
  • Projects — manage projects, connect contractors/employees and assign inventory materials
  • Transactions — Telesto will remember the last transaction type used in the stock updater.
  • Transactions — now you can delete transactions (visit stock history)
  • Reports — if you choose “products: grouped by location” you can now filter results by a specific location!
  • Sales orders — link customers to specific batches in your invoices (perfect for recalls)
  • Inventory movements — choose from which batch you are moving your products from.
  • Batches — transfer batches to other locations.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements!

If you have any questions, let us know by sending a message to: support@telesto.app — we’re always happy to help.