What’s New?

Telesto v5.6.1 (iOS) Telesto v2.2.3 (Android) Telesto v4.3.1 (Desktop Edition)
  • Manage products with multiple serial numbers

  • Reset your inventory stock

    • Now you can reset your entire inventory stock and remove all past transactions.
    • The stock on hand of all your products will be set to zero on all locations.
  • Connect your users to specific locations or warehouses!

    • When you assigned users to a location the following rules will be enforced…
      • product list: view or filter products only from their assigned locations
      • adding product: just their assigned location will be shown to add initial stock
      • editing product: view stock only from their assigned location
      • stock updater: add or remove stock only from their assigned location
      • stock movement: transfer stock only from their location
  • New report: activity log (grouped by user)

If you have any questions, let us know by sending a message to: support@telesto.app — we’re always happy to help.