What’s new in Telesto!

We’ve continued working hard on Telesto App.
Here’s what’s new in this release:

Telesto v5.4.5 (iOS) Telesto v2.0.0 (Android) Telesto v4.1.6 (Desktop Edition)


  • Products: you can now filter products by supplier!
  • Invoices: new status -> partially shipped
  • Invoices: new fields for each product -> shipped quantity and remaining quantity.
  • Invoices: filter orders by the new status “partially shipped”


  • Invoices: products are now highlighted when not enough quantity is found (when marking an order as shipped).
  • Orders: improved sorting (recent at the top)


  • Products: confirming to delete transactions or not when deleting a product was not working properly.
  • Activity log: time is now displayed in your time zone

Thank you for your feedback and continued support!