What’s new in Telesto!

You asked. We listened.

Here’s a list of all the core features, bug fixes and improvements implemented in the latest version of Telesto: inventory management system.

Telesto v5.3.0 (iOS) Telesto v1.9.0 (Android) Telesto v4.0.0 (Desktop Edition)

Batch tracking (for perishable foods)

  • Now you can see which products are expiring soon and which products you should get out first.
  • Track expiration dates for each batch in your inventory
  • Create or select batches easily from the stock updater
  • Activate the perishable products mode in settings
  • New batches tab when editing a product, showing batches from current product
  • New reports: batches (order by expiration date)
  • New reports: products expiring soon (present in batches)

Suppliers linked to products

  • Purchase orders are now fully integrated with suppliers
  • New report: products in low-stock grouped by suppliers
  • New report: products group by supplier
  • Import desktop: option to select supplier


  • When deleting a product, Telesto will ask what to do with past transactions
  • Desktop edition: help instructions for the import template.
  • Desktop edition: import function will now allow you to select supplier
  • Desktop edition: issue not loading supplier and categories when importing
  • Fixed: translation issues
  • After creating a transaction, product list is now cleared!


We are releasing new features and improvements on a weekly basis; we will also be posting changelogs in this blog every two weeks, so stay tuned! ..and if you have any question or suggestion let us know by sending a message to: support@telesto.app — we’ll be happy to help.