What’s new in Telesto!

You’ve spoken… and we’ve listened.

Based on your feedback and our evolving understanding of our customer’s needs, we have decided to do a few big updates, some are included in this release; the rest are coming in the next weeks.

Telesto v5.2.4 (iOS) Telesto v1.7.4 (Android) Telesto v3.9.4 (Desktop Edition)


  • Telesto’s desktop edition can now generate and preview PDFs for reports, invoices, purchase orders and pick lists.
    • Note: these pdfs are automatically saved in your downloads folder.
  • Option to change the name of the default location under preferences (it was a bit confusing previously)


  • Prices is automatically added when selecting products in purchase orders and invoices.
  • Thousands separators for large numbers


  • The stock-on-hand field was not updating after adding a transaction if you chose the unassigned location.
  • Issue encoding Latin characters

New features and more improvements are coming in the next weeks!

Thank you for your feedback and continued support!