What’s new in Telesto v5.03 (iOS) & v1.5.6 (Android)?

We’ve continued working hard on Telesto App. Here’s what’s new in this release:


  • Manage suppliers & customers
    • Visit website, get directions, call and email.
    • View assigned purchase orders
    • Included in the global search
    • New reports: suppliers and customers
  • Manage purchase orders
    • Filter purchase orders by status, date, etc.
    • Add taxes and discounts
    • Add multiple products to order
    • Change order status
    • Generate PDF invoice ready to send!
  • Donation Mode
    • Now you can add products as donations (stock updater) and get reports about purchases and donation distribution and much more. Enable this feature in settings 🙂


  • Checkbox enabled / disabled colors
  • Dates are now in your time zone
  • Add/show purchase orders without suppliers


Telesto will identify obsolete items and help you decide what to do so you can remove them.

Telesto Support Team