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Telesto is an easy-to-use, robust, modern inventory management system built to help small and midsize businesses track their products and materials.

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Latest version was released on : 2024-03-19

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Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Core Features

What Telesto Can Do For You

Keep track of your stock

Get email and push notifications instantly when your products are in low stock.

Real-time inventory data

Access your data in real-time on your desktop or on the go with our mobile app.

Automation tools

Automate basic tasks so you can focus on the most important things. Say bye to human error!

Meet The Desktop Edition

Big Screen

All the powerful features from the mobile app are now on your desktop!

Data Import

Easily import all your products from a .CSV or Excel file.


Create up-to-date local backups of your data whenever you want.


Available on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Telesto - Meet The Desktop Edition
Telesto | Inventory Management


Keep your products or assets organized, categorize them, scan barcodes and QR codes, track low-stock items, and much more.

Powerful Reports &

Generate PDF, Excel, or CSV files with a tap; filter your reports by specific products, low stock, category, locations, prices, and more.

Telesto | Inventory Management
Telesto | Inventory Management


Manage your stock on hand (stock in / out balance); Easy data entry, inventory movements between locations, transactions history modules, and more.


Generate ready-to-print purchase and sales orders (invoices) assigned to your suppliers & customers! your inventory can be automatically updated for orders marked as completed.

Telesto | Inventory Management

Batch tracking (perishable goods)

See which products are expiring soon, which products you should get out first (FIFO and FEFO), and from what batch; Track expiration dates for each batch in your inventory, and manage batches easily linked to locations and products.

Telesto | Inventory Management

Telesto Mobile App

Telesto is now available on iOS & Android

Telesto | Telesto Mobile App
Telesto | Telesto Mobile App
Telesto | Telesto Mobile App
Telesto | Telesto Mobile App
Telesto | Telesto Mobile App

Custom Fields

Insight Dashboard

Categories & Tags

Touch ID (fingerprint)

Multi-user Access

Manage Warehouses

Donation Mode

Customers & Suppliers

Perform Recalls

Transport Documents

Manage Projects

Stock Movements

Telesto For Everything

Telesto was designed & developed from the ground up with the following industries in mind: retail products, wine & beer industry, construction, clothing, retail products, IT assets, store owners, food trucks, food distribution, financial institutions, real estate companies, auto parts, universities & schools, office supplies, wholesale, manufacturing, transport, machinery, agriculture, medical supplies and much more.

Telesto | Telesto For Everything

What Our Customers Say


Telesto is a fundamental tool for our business, the consultation tool everyone can access. In simple steps, you can manage your stock in a didactic, fast way from anywhere in the world. Creating a product and generating an input or output takes seconds and is intuitive. In short, I recommend it 100%.


We are using the app to manage the orders of our Panettoni amongs our shops. It is very simple and intuitive and our employees were able to use it very quickly. In this way, with a very simple app, we can understand how much panettone to produce on a weekly basis. Email support is fast and very helpful!


As a small company in vintage interior items, we have used Telesto for six months with great pleasure. In our search for an app in which we could collectively and easily keep track of our stock, Telesto was the only one that met our preferences and still is today. Customer support is fast. An email with a question or comment is enough. On the same day, we receive an answer or solution.


As a small-medium food manufacturing company, we face a significant challenge in controlling the production stock and which production must go out first. We even tried to build our system to adjust our business processes, but after two years, it was still far from what we expected until I found Telesto. The only service with a batch tracking feature helps us monitor our stock and is very responsive to customer experience. I highly recommend this app 100%.


Because every company is different, Telesto has multiple subscription plans that fit your needs.
If you have a special use case, we can adjust it.


  • USD $7.99/MONTH
    USD $80.99/YEAR
  • Ad-free
  • 2,000 Products (max)
  • 5 Locations
  • 500 Categories & Tags
  • 100 Suppliers & Customers
  • 100 Purchase Orders
  • 24 / 33 Reports
  • 5 Users
  • 50 Custom Fields
  • Move stock
  • Desktop Edition
  • Premium Support
  • Batch tracking (perishable goods)
  • Multiple serial numbers
  • Projects & contractors
  • Custom Logo
  • Keg Tracker (for Breweries)
  • API
  • Shopify Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration


  • USD $14.99/MONTH
    USD $144.99/YEAR
  • Ad-free
  • 10,000 Products (max)
  • 100 Locations
  • 10,000 Categories & Tags
  • 10,000 Suppliers & Customers
  • 10,000 Purchase Orders
  • 33 / 33 Reports
  • 50 Users
  • 100 Custom Fields
  • Move stock
  • Desktop Edition
  • Premium Support
  • Batch tracking (perishable goods)
  • Multiple serial numbers
  • Projects & contractors
  • Custom Logo
  • Keg Tracker (for Breweries)
  • Telesto API
  • Shopify Integration
  • WooCommerce Integration

Note: to see our pricing, please download the mobile app, visit the upgrade section and see prices in your local currency.

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